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Beginner to Level 10

As an active professional member of the Ontario Registered Music Teachers' Association, my lesson policies are designed following ORMTA guidelines.

Please speak to me personally to find out tuition rates.

Piano lessons are scheduled weekly.  Students register for the full school year September to June and commit to weekly lessons, practice, and performance opportunities. 

Summer lessons are also available on a more casual basis.

Students are encouraged to play a variety of musical styles.  My training is primarily classical, but since the mid-1990s I have enjoyed learning to chord and improvise for worship at church.  I follow the RCM (Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum for the core of what I teach, and welcome students to bring any other music they want to play!  Duets, trios, and quartets (2 pianos, 8 hands) are great fun to learn and perform with others.

Students from beginners to RCM Level 5 start with a 45-minute weekly lesson. From Level 6 on students are encouraged to come for 1-hour weekly lesson. If students are completing both piano and theory certificate requirements longer lessons or separate theory classes are recommended (for example 1.5-2 hours for Level 8 piano and theory).

Tuition discounts will be given for families with 2 hours of instruction or more per week, and/or families that pay the year's tuition in full in September. All lessons are prepaid either in full, 2-3 terms, or monthly post-dated cheques.

Practice Guidelines

Practicing is working on something so that it improves.  Sometimes that improvement is significant, sometimes it is incremental!  Young students mainly practice by repetition, older students learn the skill of practicing and listening actively to the music they produce.

Parents play an important role in practicing, from sitting with your young student to reminding your adolescent student, to being an encouragement and cheerleader no matter what your own musical knowledge.

Beginner 10-15 minutes 5 days a week (repetition based practice training)

Elementary students 15-30 minutes 5 days a week (up to RCM Level 1)

Junior students 30-45 minutes 5 days a week (RCM Level 2-5)

Intermediate students 45-60 minutes 5-7 days a week (RCM level 6-8)

Senior students 1+ hours daily

Please Note: ZOOM or other Video platform lessons will be 10-15 minutes shorter than the in-person lesson equivalent to allow time for sharing notes and other asynchronous lesson aspects. The lesson fee will not be decreased as the amount of teacher time needed for Zoom lessons is typically significantly more than for in-person lessons.

Recommended Piano Tuners:

Brian Wall

Louise McGraorty 519-884-8118 

Mark Veenman 226.339.5701

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