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Gather your friends & learn together!
Single term, school year, and summer theory intensive courses.

ZOOM Groups are a great option and work really well for learning theory.

Theory, Harmony and History are more than just required conservatory exams!  A good knowledge of theory helps students to understand the structure and history of their pieces enabling them to play with more understanding, depth, and emotion.

Group theory provides an opportunity for students to learn in an interactive environment, where each student contributes their questions and triumphs to help the group learn.

Private theory lessons provide each student with individualized education where they can work at their own pace.

Zoom works better for theory than for piano lessons. I have a great system using Google Classroom for homework assignments and file sharing; a touchscreen computer and templates for lesson notes; and systems for including parents in the process.

As an active professional member of the Ontario Registered Music Teachers' Association, my lesson policies are designed following ORMTA guidelines.

Please speak to me personally to find out group tuition rates.

Group lessons are scheduled weekly.  Students register for the full RCM exam prep season from September to May (or other session dates - such as single term or summer session - as arranged with the teacher and classmates) and commit to weekly lessons, homework, and examinations.

Summer lessons are also available to prepare for the August exams.  Some students find great success with accelerated learning and extended lessons throughout the summer months.

If you have a small group of 3 to 5 students please be in touch about scheduling a group class.

Group classes are offered for:

Level 5 & 6 Theory

Level 7 & 8 Theory

Level 9 Harmony

Level 9 History

Level 10 Harmony

Level 10 History

Private lessons are recommended for ARCT Level Theories - Harmony & Counterpoint, Analysis, History.

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